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Houses for Rent in Arvin, California

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Discover Houses for Rent in Arvin, CA

Arvin is a California city found just south of Bakersfield. It's also close to Lancaster, a city to the south. Families searching for homes for rent will be pleased by the innumerable institutions and parks that a resident can enjoy while living in Arvin. For example, Di Giorgio and Smothermon Park give commuting workers a chance to relax on the weekends. Renters who are eager to travel can hop on the Bear Mountain Boulevard, which will allow a resident a vast range of access to other California locations. Arvin also has a firm commitment to education, which is on display in the Arvin Public Library, where children can grow intellectually outside of school. 

Historical Facts About Arvin

  • Arvin owes its name to Arvin Richardson, one of the first storekeepers in the area.
  • Padre Garce was one of the first people to explore the area around Arvin. He was trying to find a way to get from Mexico to California.
  • The principal economic goods of Arvin have historically been oil and agricultural products. 
  • The city was officially incorporated in 1960. 
  • The city's wildflowers enjoy a famed reputation. 
  • Arvin is located by the Tehachapi Mountains.

Resources for Renters

  • Arvin's website will help new residents overcome the unfamiliarity that comes with living in a new city. The website offers information on transit, city services, the city's senior center, police, job opportunities and more. 
  • Arvin Union School District's website will help parents learn about educational options for their children while living in Arvin. 
  • The website of the city's chamber of commerce will help a renter learn about Arvin's economy and events. It will also allow a resident to browse through the city's directory to find nearby amenities and other helpful locations.